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Azure Functions and static website (part 2)

In previous post I explained how I developed an Azure Function to send email using SendGrid service. Today I explain how to deploy the Azure Function and how to use it from Wyam generated website.

Azure Functions and static website (part 1)

This is 4th post in the series about my experience with Wyam. This post will explain how to add some dynamic functionality to static website using Azure Functions. While writing this blog post I realized that it's too long, so I decided to split it to 2 parts. And the first part is focused on implementation of Azure Function.

Continuous Deployment of Wyam generated site

This is 3rd post in my series about experience with Wyam. This post is about setting up continuous deployment of static web site generated by Wyam. I am using Azure DevOps for deployment.

Combine pages in Wyam

In previous post Website refactoring using Wyam I wrote about how I created my website using Wyam. I focused on configuration and Markdown content. This time I write about Razor pages in Wyam. Specifically how I created Projects page.

Website refactoring using Wyam

Until now I had personal website implemented using Orchard CMS. It was almost unchanged for several years. Sometimes I was thinking about upgrading the Orchard engine, but there was always something with higher priority. When I heard about Orchard Core running on ASP.NET Core, I told myself that it's really time to do some upgrade. However, I realized that almost all content of the website is static and maybe better solution would be to use a static site generator. Then I found project Wyam by Dave Glick. Wyam is flexible and extensible static site generator implemented in .NET Core.